So I’ve Gone Minimalist…Join me!

Don’t worry my intentions are not to inform you about what “minimalism” is, nor do I want to be a “minimalist” myself. My goal is to CLEAR UP and free up.

Call it what you wish, cluttered, crowded, clouded, unorganized, messy, chaotic, you get the point…the bottom line is my life until now has been lacking in efficiency and productivity. Why? because there was just too much! Too much stuff, too much on my lists, too many lists, too many clipped recipes and “so-so” outfits in my closet, too many contacts in my phone, too many appointments, you get it!

I can go on and on, but what is most important is that you understand that my blog is intended to be an informal forum for anyone interested in simplifying, minimizing, organizing etc.

I will assign small tasks which I will call “adventures in minimalism or AIM’s,”  with the goal of simplifying any area of life. I believe that by blogging I will hold myself accountable for the adventures I assign to myself. Feel free to adventure along with me. Let me know how you’re doing and whether you agree, disagree, or think you have a better idea!


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