A peak into my kitchen…it started here…

My desire to simplify and minimize started in my kitchen. I found myself constantly running to the store and never knowing what I have or don’t have. I decided to create a system. Creating the system itself was hard work but maintaining it is, and should be, easy.

Here’s a look at my refrigerator and freezer. Note the following:

1. Defined Areas: Foods are compartmentalized with clearly designated areas for each type. Liquids always on top, cheeses together, condiments together, produce in drawers, jams and nut butters, etc. When I am rushing to make a last-minute PB&J, I want to be able to look in one place and find it all!

2. Fruits and vegetables: All produce is cut and ready to eat/prepare. On Mondays, I order the produce. As much as possible, I try to have all melons cut and placed in clear glass lock containers. Because it is appealing and accessible people are more likely to grab this instead of junk food. Vegetables are thoroughly washed and dried so that I can clearly see what I have, and use any of it at a moments notice. This cuts down a lot of prep time during the week. It also ensures that I use what I buy because who really wants to waste all of the hard work that went into cleaning and prepping them?!

3. Expiration Dates: Foods are lined up by expiration dates. Oldest milk first, etc. preventing waste, because I try never to allow things to expire.

4. OXO Containers/Labels: If you look in my freezer you will see that I have plenty of plastic OXO storage containers, some labeled. I put staple items in these, as they are easy to see, and prevent freezer burn. I can easily grab what I need without rummaging through bags and boxes of frozen items. If I buy items like walnuts in bulk for use in my famous healthy banana bread (more on that one later), I store them in these OXO’s for long life as well. And guess what? Such clear and easy accessibility has  inspired me to offer walnuts to my picky eater, and he loooves them.

5. Prepared Meals: We all know those days when cooking just isn’t happening, or when our picky eater decides he isn’t eating what was served that night. My savior has been freezing leftovers in individual serving plastic containers for last-minute meals. It minimizes waste (how many times do you throw away last nights dinner because no one is in the mood for leftovers?), and prevents me from offering fast/junk food alternatives.

6. Boxed/Packaged Items: Does anyone really want to open a freezer and stare at a half-closed box of frozen waffles or veggie burgers? I personally dislike it. I always keep sloppy looking items on the door.


Some more pics:



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12 responses to “A peak into my kitchen…it started here…

  1. Doris

    How do you know which fruits and vegis you will be using for the week? Do you make menus for lunch and dinner for the entire week before you put in your produce order on Monday?

    • I usually stick to the same basic rotation of vegetables as sides, but if I know I would like to try a new recipe I buy that ingredient and wait to prep it until the day of that meal. For the most part, my grocery order is the same week after week. I would like to incorporate an AIM of menu planning with new recipes, but sometimes it really is just easier to do what you know. As far as fruit, I always buy the same melons as long as the fruit man says they are good that week. I know what my family likes and if I buy extra I usually freeze the item before it goes bad; blueberries, bananas, and carrots go straight from freezer into my healthy breakfast breads. Frozen grapes are a great, refreshing snack especially over the summer. When melons are about to go bad, I usually blend them into a juice with my my magic bullet.

  2. Yogini

    How to store greens ? What happens with me is that I always keep all my veggies on the bottom(I buy a lot it doesn’t fit into the drawer) and it becomes a big veggie mess.

    • I know there are greens bags etc. but I like my method of washing them, drying them thoroughly, and storing them in air tight pyrex or glass lock containers. They always last until I need them that way.

  3. Yogini

    We want to show youpics of our challenges so you can help us solve them. The minimalist challenge.

  4. jeanne

    your information is very helpful with many great suggestions on efficiency.this leaves one time for mental stimulation which is good for all .Great job keep up the good work

  5. Natalie

    I really love your ideas with storing the fruits and veggies..I find that I frequently have to throw out veggies that have gone bad. I am going to try to implement your system next week!

    • Natalie, I am so glad. I happen to love the GLASSLOCK, by Snapware containers for the fruit because they look great and come in convenient sizes. They stack nicely and easily. I know AMAZON.com and The Container Store both have them. Sometimes Costco has them also. Let me know how the system works for you or if you come up with any new ideas.

  6. Yogini

    I love glass locks, you made me buy them a few months ago when we re organized my kitchen!

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