Am I in Good Company, or is it just ME…?

It’s that time of year again- everyone needs some fresh new clothing- and so it begins…the vicious cycle of online orders and returns, orders and returns…I have a problem in that I over-order because I don’t want to keep ordering if the size is wrong, or miss out on an item because I ordered the wrong size. So I end up with a big job of trying on and then sorting out returns from stores like Zara, Gap, etc. It gets overwhelming and it needs to stop, but it is sooo much easier then going to the store (especially because most of the items are for my children) ! I am torn…Any opinions?



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3 responses to “Am I in Good Company, or is it just ME…?

  1. Jack

    Don’t shop!

  2. Gloria D.

    Hahah it’s my biggest problem! It also has to Do with the fact that I can’t make decisions.. If u think of something lemme know… Love the blog!

    • I think experience is the best teacher. With my son I am able to make decisions much faster now, probably because I learned what gets used and what stays in the closet. With my daughter, who is almost 1, everything is new, so I have a difficult time deciding what will be more useful.I know that if it doesn’t have a bottom or top to go with it, it’s a definite no!

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