Tech/Wire Control: IKEA’s Gone Minimalist!

I love when companies just know how to do everything right! For instance,, is there anything more user friendly and pleasurable when it comes to online shopping? So, here’s to IKEA. If you’ve been inside my home, you will know that it is pretty much an ad for IKEA. A majority my storage closets, bookcases, and furniture are from that amazing store. If you’ve been to my home you would also notice that items like printers, remote controls, DVD players, and pretty much any other clutter-creating objects, are hidden and out of sight, allowing for a neat, sleek, minimalist appearance. To that end, I have drilled holes in the backs of my units in order to squeeze wires through, and have also out up wire blockers on my walls, which I then covered with picture frames, etc. So I was pleased to read this:

IKEA Shows Other Retailers How It’s Done

by Elaine Misonzhnik April 17th, 2012

Swedish furniture giant IKEA continued on its mission to take over the world this week with the announcement that it was going to start selling consumer electronics, including televisions, sound systems and CD/DVD/Blu-ray players.

IKEA saw the opportunity in the electronics market because of the difficulty people have with all the wiring that goes with those products, creating clutter in their homes. So it formed a partnership with Chinese firm TCL Multimedia for products that will be designed specifically to fit in with IKEA’s furniture, save space and hide the unseemly cables.

The products will be rolled out in all of IKEA’s markets by 2013, with the simplest system/furniture combination costing $960.

Here’s a video outlining how the combinations will work.

In a world where electronics retailers and furniture sellers are seeing their market share shrink, this is not a bad move on IKEA’s part. This can make its stores popular destinations for people looking for both furniture and electronics.


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