Quote of the Day: Gratitude/Appreciation

“Sometimes, we forget to appreciate the simple things in life. The experience of singing, laughing, or dancing with joy; of being in love; of connecting or sharing with others; of inspiration, a sense of productivity, expansiveness; the emotion we feel when we play or hear beautiful music, when we look at artwork – all of these exemplify Light. 

Gratitude keeps us from taking the blessings in our life for granted and prevents us from falling into a passive reactive state. 

Where are the blessings in your life? 
Appreciation doesn’t just connect us with fulfillment. Appreciation is fulfillment.” -Yehuda Berg

I love this because it illustrates why I originally felt the need to “go minimalist.” I wanted to eliminate the clutter so that I could always see the real joy in life.  What a great reminder to appreciate, say thank you, and simply enjoy.



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2 responses to “Quote of the Day: Gratitude/Appreciation

  1. Daniella

    Beautiful, friend.

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