A peak into my kitchen continued…

Yesterday I gave you some kitchen tips and tricks. Today is more about using your time in the kitchen more efficiently, so I thought I would introduce you to my coffee/tea nook, and my banana bread/baking nook.

Take a look:

In the first picture you are viewing my kitchen countertop. I leave those items out because I use them every day. From 6 am until 10 am the sugar, coffee, and tea are being used by someone in the household. Leaving this out helps because:

1 Easy Access: I reach for tea more than once a day, and to have to bend over and pull it out each time would be annoying and inefficient. 

2. Aesthetics/Neatness: The jars add ambience and character and warmth to my kitchen (at least I think so!),  and they also prevent instant coffee jars, tea boxes, and sugar from being left out sloppily.

Underneath the first picture is the cabinet that is located exactly underneath the countertop space you just viewed. I leave the bulk sugar, coffee, tea, etc. down there because I use it all so much. My food cabinets are all located on the other side of my kitchen, near the dining table- way too far to go every single time I want to brew a pot of coffee or grab a cup of tea! Remember make things easy and efficient.

On the same note, I also created a banana bread/baking nook, because I found myself getting lazy to make cakes when it involved going to the other side of the kitchen, collecting all of my ingredients, dragging them back to the counter…you get the picture…I decided that if I could find a small shelf closer to my sink and oven, to store ONLY the ingredients I need for baking my staple items, it would encourage me to do a lot more. Here it is:



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6 responses to “A peak into my kitchen continued…

  1. Rochelle

    Wow great blog!
    So I do save only projects with a photo on them and it’s really easy( no deciding or thinking involved) If its a super project I take a pic of my child holding it… That accomplishes both having kid feel proud showing it off, and their age at the time). Makes a cute pic and little clutter! And ALWAYS make sure to dispose them when kids don’t see or find in garbage!
    I have a question about the oxos ,in your pictures the label is on the white lid. I recently labeled my new oxos but on the clear center. Should I switch?

    • Hi Rochelle,
      First of all, thank you!I like your idea of the picture, the sense of accomplishment is key. You’re right about being careful-I always make sure not to leave any evidence of disposal behind! As far as the OXO containers, the label placement would depend on what is easiest for you to see when you open your cabinet. In my other cabinet, I have the labels on the top of the OXO because I have pullout drawers and when I open the drawer I can only see the tops…whatever works for your space.

  2. So you know Im a major saver. Its a problem. I do throw out messy school projects. BUT I keep most of them in its own cabinet… for now at least.

    What I do though, is take the best pieces and frame them… not a junky ikea frame but a real, expensive custom frame. Then I hang them everywhere from kitchen, to bedroom and even living room. Trust me, that makes a kid smile, AND the pieces look amazing. You can even create a gallery wall in a hallway if you have enough pieces.

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