Aim 1: Day 4: Progress Report…

A lot of people contacted me to say how helpful they found this AIM. I am so happy! Keep up the good work. Anyway, today I threw away papers, papers, and more papers. My mail tray was starting to get full, and I usually wait until it is overflowing to clean it out, but today (knowing I had to get rid of something) I took it on, and I feel great!

What does everyone do with West Elm, Crate and Barrel, and other catalogues that come in the mail. I always hesitate to keep them, because I know most of the time, they just pile up and I never get to them.

I just want to keep reminding all of you that comments are displayed on the chat icon to the right of the title of each post. I may need to change the look of this blog a little in order to  “unhide”  the comments, but we’ll see about that one.



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4 responses to “Aim 1: Day 4: Progress Report…

  1. Stefanie

    Great blog!
    Very interesting and informative. Love the ideas for school projects Especially the one idea to take a photo! Those projects always do add up!
    As far as the crate and barrel catalogues and other garbage like that I find that I like to Only Handle It Once (OHIO)… meaning something comes in the door look at it and decide what to do with it. Whether it be dumping it or putting it in a bin that you read over the weekend when you are relaxing…. It works for everything especially mail. I find that if I open it and sort it when it comes it never gets to be a huge overwhelming pile of STUFF that you have to go through.
    By the way the banana bread is awesome! Look out for the details.

    • Hey Stefanie,

      WOW I can’t believe I never heard that one! It’s great! Since I started this AIM I have been doing just that, but now I have a name for it (I will be adding this catch phrase to Tips & Tricks btw) But here’s my question. What happens when the weekend comes and the catalogues never got read? As the weekends keep piling up, so too the catalogues. Do you make a point to read them each weekend? Do you let them pile up? And I like your use of the word STUFF, just too much STUFF. Thanks for the Banana Bread shout out. If i get any requests perhaps I will talk a bit more about that one..

      • Stefanie

        Most of the time they are junk catalogues that you could dump the second you get them. As for the better ones I try to read them each weekend. But if I don’t get to, I never let them pile up high enough to fill up the bin!

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