AIM 1: Days 6/7: Progress Report…

So this AIM has come to a close, but I don’t want to end it!!! What a great week of clearing up, de-cluttering, and creating SPACE. I was amazed by how easy it became to start clearing things up or handling things using the OHIO method. It turned a switch on in my head, and now it just won’t turn off! So what did I get rid of anyhow?

On Saturday it was all about the magazines and catalogues. It is hard to believe, but I found magazine issues from September in my magazine holder!

On Sunday, today, was all about TOYS. Toys toys and more toys. I was cleaning up the kitchen set that my son and niece had been playing with, and I found random things that had no place in this house! One of those squishy gummy balls that collect germs, lint, hair and whatnot, a few broken cars, and a walking toy that isn’t mine (this one is going back to its rightful owner!).

Anyway, it felt great to get rid of a lot of the stuff, and I feel we are off to a good start in going just a bit more minimalist.



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