Purim is here, which calls to attention 2 major topics:

1. MISHLOACH MANOT: buying, prepping, delivering, storing…

This year, I opted out of my normal creative Mishloach Manot route—I bought them. In buying them I stayed minimalist because I bought things that are useful to the receivers. When they open my package, there will be no need to dispose of anything but the cellophane and decorative ribbon. I got these Mishloach Manot from Surrey Lane on Avenue P in Brooklyn (718-627-6991). Delivery is an option as well, but I prefer to do so myself.

The platters are nice, neat, useful, and reusable.  

2. JUNK FOOD: Perhaps, one of the worst offenders in clutter- junk food madness!  I would like to open up a discussion regarding what people plan to do with all of that stuff, a post inspired by my friend Pamela. Will you be giving your junk food away, storing it in a big bin, allowing your children to go at it just for the day and disposing of it thereafter? Looking forward to hearing your methods…



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2 responses to “Purim

  1. frieda

    In the past, I’ve let each child pick about 10 items they can’t (or wont) part with. The challenge is what to do with the rest. One year I sent it to my husbands office. Last year someone gave me an address to drop it off to where the woman makes gift baskets out of it all for charity (wish I kept that address!). The food pantry is another good option. All I know is that once its all out of the house I’m relieved.

  2. Thanks Frieda!
    I like the idea of choosing the items…we all know choice is great when it comes to letting them feel like they own it! I wish you had that address too! I think I will be donating all of mine to the food pantry this year- thats definitely a good one, although I even feel bad donating junk food. To be honest, I think it belongs in the garbage! I made my hamentash out of the thumbprint recipe this year!

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