AIM 2: Mindfulness and Undivided Attention

By now I am sure you got the hang of AIM 1, and while there are still 2 days left to complete this AIM, I think it is time for a new one.

This one is more about mindfulness, and really being in the moment, one of the main purposes for this blog. Before we get into reading materials on mindfulness, I thought we could do a small practice that is also in line with the Sabbath.

AIM 2: Undivided Attention:

Over the weekend, aim (pun intended), to give each one of your children, 10 minutes of completely undivided attention. This means no cell phones, daydreaming, eating (unless it is with them), watching TV, or allowing for any other distractions!  You can do so by playing games, reading books, talking, etc.. Just do it! Let me know how it is and what it feels like, as will I.


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