Only Handle It Once...I love it…Thanks Stefanie!

Only Handle It Once means that when something comes to your attention, a school project, a piece of mail, and invitation, etc. you are to decide then and there what you will be doing with it. School project-into the bin, invitations stored into iPhone (or any other mobile calendar) and then discarded or saved (depending on who it is from!)

I believe OHIO should be a motto to live by, as it will certainly keep reminding all of us that if it doesn’t get done now it isn’t getting done! (that I learned from my friend Gloria)




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2 responses to “OHIO

  1. Nicole Cohen

    My husband though an OHIO was – when you meet a girl that you think is pretty and you say “Oh Hi” and then when she gets closer “Oh.” Hahah. Oh hi! Oh.

    Hahah! But seriously, like this tip. I had a little breakdown this week because I am so unorganized, over scheduled and over worked. I need to work smarter, and manage my time better and the OHIO is gonna help!

    • Nicole, that’s very funny! I agree, OHIO is so helpful. It really has changed my life. Once you get it into your head, it will just stick. Eventually you won’t even need to think, you’ll just do…you’ll see.

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