Aim 1: Day 5: Progress Report…/My “Junk” Drawer

So today was all about the kitchen drawer AKA the “junk drawer.” Most of us have that one drawer in the kitchen designated to miscellaneous, and it really is difficult to keep it in order. I threw away some packing slips from online orders, a receipt, rubberbands, and some random already written on- but likely never viewed- post it notes. In all honesty, it wasn’t much, and here’s why:

A look into my “junk drawer”

1. The plastic boxes are from The Container Store. They call it their accessory box, and it costs $1.69/box (a small price to play for the ultimate in clutter control). I also use them for crayons, puzzles without boxes, playing cards, wires/chargers, pretty much anything!

2. The 2 small boxes in front are OXO pop-up containers. They came free with the 10- piece- set, and are usually too small to store food items so I shifted them to here. (FIND A USE FOR EVERYTHING!- or scrap it!)

3. The yellow lidded jar is an apothecary jar available on (Apothecary/GMS Vitamin Dispenser – 6 Sections). It has 6 sections and you can rotate the lid to access each group of vitamins. It also comes with labels. I use it to store vitamins (an idea I got from my mother-in-law). It saves time as there’s no need to open and close several vitamin bottles each time I take vitamins. It also eliminates clutter, as the vitamin bottles can be discarded (sometimes there is not enough room in the apothecary jar for all of the vitamins, so I leave the bottle in a cabinet, a bit higher up, not hogging so much valuable kitchen real-estate!). The jar costs $9.95. It is available on Amazon Prime.

By the way, I believe Amazon Prime membership is vital to living in a more minimalist lifestyle because:

1. It saves time, no need for a store.

2. It saves money, great prices.

3. It controls the impulse to stock up at Target, Costco, or anywhere for that matter, because items are just a click away.

Are you an Amazon Prime Member? Do you use subscribe and save? Let me know if you agree…


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