AIM 1 should last forever…

Thought I would take a moment to say that AIM 1 has changed my life! I still find myself OHIOing, and really dumping what I know I won’t use. I find myself organizing my make-up drawer when I have a free few minutes, and making sure I really do take those water bottles out of my car…And soooo, I decided- AIM 1 is not going anywhere! I will try to incorporate this into my daily life so that it becomes a habit, like brushing my teeth.

I would LOVE to hear how AIM 1 has affected you. Do you feel like keeping it in your life like I do? Are you over it? Click on the chat icon to comment…



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2 responses to “AIM 1 should last forever…

  1. Jack

    AIM 1 don’t go anywhere! My house is getting more organized and neater by the day šŸ˜‰ That being said I find myself using OHIO all the time now! I open the mail and throw things out right away. In the office if I get paperwork I find myself throwing it out or putting it in the correct folder the 1st time I handle it. Thanks Adele!

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