AIM 3: Progress Report…

Wow this is not easy…I am able to COOK out of my pantry, but I really did run out of items that we use daily! I gave in and ordered my prized almond butter, yogurt for my baby, baby food, and jelly for my husband (I used the jelly on those Thumbprint Hamantash), and THEN my mom called and said she was going to COSTCO, and well, while I intensely dislike buying in bulk, there are key items that I find truly worth buying there. So, I was caught in a bind, let my mom buy those few items and save myself the trip, or honor my commitment to AIM 3? I chose the former, and I’ll explain: The purpose of goneminimalist is to simplify my life and free up my time– what is more simple than having someone do an errand FOR you? Additionally, I was able to save myself from buying IMPULSE items at Costco.

Here are some Costco Rules:

1. You are not allowed to buy any items not on your list! (if you realize you forgot something that you authentically meant to put on the list exception applies)

2. Start upstairs (in the Brooklyn store) and work your way down!

3. Try to go when there is a sale.

4. Avoid buying specialty food items. Try them in smaller doses first!

5. Absolutely NO bakery items.

6. If you know you like change in the kitchen, do not buy bulk ANYTHING.

7. BUY organic milk if you have children.

8. If you like to buy natural/organic items (including toiletries, food, vitamins), and they are not available at Costco, do NOT give in and buy the one available at Costco (we all know that if you give in and purchase it, as soon as you get home, you will see the organic one on sale at, and you’ll order it anyway!)

(If you are curious, the items I had my mother buy where staple items including, shredded cheese, coffee, canned tuna, and surgical gloves used for food prep.)


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