AIM 3: Progress Report…

Yesterday, I gave in! I was with my son at the park, and when we left he told me he wanted to buy a snack. The closest store was Moishe’s Discount Supermarket, so went just for a snack…But rule # 1 when you are trying to buy less…DO NOT WALK INTO A SUPERMARKET (especially a cheap one). I picked up:

1. yogurt for my baby

2. sugar cereal for Shabbat (my son was there, so I thought I would let him choose)

3. Oats (I used the Oats in the Thumbprint Cookies, so I was running low, and I do eat oatmeal daily)

4. YoCrunch for my son, as he chose it…

Oh Well…I still managed to make all of my meals from my pantry, but 2 consecutive failures is hinting towards perhaps an improvised AIM 3 in the future. (Maybe in time for Passover? we can all try this one again!)




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