AIM 3: Lessons Learned

Ok, so AIM 3 was not the success I had hoped, but some lessons learned none-the-less!

1. The rules could have allowed for a bit more flexibility, as I do have children and a husband who deserve not to suffer!

2. DO NOT walk into a store if you really do not want to shop (Moishe’s excursion with Sam).

3. I really can cook out of my refrigerator! My husband and I try to eat a very clean diet of simply prepared proteins, vegetables, and grains throughout the week. Most of my recipes require 5 fresh ingredients or less!

4. Minimalism in the kitchen is not for everyone! Over Purim, I received some face to face feedback from some unhappy readers! The thought of a limited pantry was too much for them to handle! There are those who enjoy the feeling of a fully stocked pantry! (I conclude that it all depends on the turnover in your house…) 

Oh, and by the way, I told these readers that I would have loved to have read this feedback on my blog! All feedback is welcome, I want your opinions.

Here is my pantry "Before"

Here is the failed, even less organized "After" Cut me some slack, Purim got in the way!



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2 responses to “AIM 3: Lessons Learned

  1. Yogini

    I need help to stop losing stuff!! It is a big handicap in my life. Post on that please!

    • Wow, that’s a big one. I think step one is to make sure there is a consistent place for everything. You can use boxes, shelves, labels, file folders- you name it…The key is to have those clearly designated spots and then to implement OHIO! If each time you take out the scissors, you use OHIO to put them back before moving on to another task, your scissors will always be where they belong…Make sense?

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