Salad Re-hash: How to Reuse and Renew

Hi everyone! So it’s the last weekend of the summer, and to finish it off without discussing salads would be, well- WRONG!

So here are 2 of the salads that I made this week using what was in the fridge from the night before. Now I am not usually one for meal of complete “leftovers,” BUT it just wouldn’t be right to let that chili limit itself to 1 use! And well, as for the caramelized onions, I’ve decided to keep them on hand pretty much at all times, because the flavor they add is well pretty much AWESOME!

Salad no. 1:  Tons of different greens (think -varied greens, varied health benefits…) that have already been chopped for the week, prepped and ready to go (check out my Tips & Tricks and Minimalist Kitchen categories to get a few more prep hints). There is romaine lettuce, baby arugula, cabbage, grape tomatoes, and a healthy dose of omega-3’s in that gorgeous avocado. I also stole some onions from the squash to add some zing. The dressing is a simple clean balsamic/EVOO, with some lemon and spices…) And of course, in  the middle some LEFTOVER Brown Rice and Beans…

Salad no. 2: I was craving some tuna on a salad but I also wanted some carbs and FLAVOR! I took my leftover roasted tomatoes that were screaming with flavors of garlic, oregano, and spicy red pepper, threw in some onions that I caramelized on a tray the day before, added some fresh avocado, and voila, a yummy-easy-healthy-clean salad with tuna! Unfortunately, the sweet potato, that was leftover also, is hidden underneath the top layer of the photo, but that adds fullness factor, as well as loads of nutrition and flavor- YUM!

Sweet potato and tomato recipes to follow next week! Also to follow, a discussion on the health benefits of herbs and spices!


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